COVID-19 latest update – for SA and around the globe

protective gear against virus

According to the latest information, South Africa has now more than 2700 positive infections with 50 deaths. The first deaths of Eastern Cape residents had been recorded.

With the re-opening of the country after the expiration of lock down, schools in Mbombela had sent out communiques to parents, highlighting how and when learners would be returning to schools. Bergland learners had been advised learners that grades would be phased in with grade 6 learners only returning to school in July. It is expected that the higher grades such as final year (Grade 12 students) would be returned to school first. However, final decisions regarding this would be made by the government committee.

Even grade 1 classes at Lowveld High Primary,  in Mbombela, had been sending school work to their young learners with parents stepping up to the plate to ensure kids do not miss out on too much.

Across the globe, the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) are meeting to freeze loan repayments for African countries. It would stand SA in good stead as the fiscus takes a beating with not only junk status on debt legibility, but also recession and COVID-19 leaving the business fraternity under severe stress. Investors of emerging economies had also, according to analysts, decided to rather invest in other options.

With requests for lifting of bans on selling of alcohol flooding in,  Pres Ramaphosa said liquor would continue to be a non-essential product and would stay banned. But it seems it is not a big problem in Mbombela and the rest of Mpumalanga. NewsHorn had spoken to various local residents who had claimed that in the CBD in the city, cigarettes and alcohol could be accessed as deliveries are made to certain points by individuals changing exorbitant fees for these products, but which the public, desperate for these products, are prepared to pay. According to trustworthy information, a bottle of 750ml Bells whisky which normally trades for between R200 and R300, is sold for R1500. A carton of cigarettes, usually costing less than R100 for certain brands, are now sold for R200 per carton.

Globally, business and labour agree that the safety of peoples’ lives comes first. But not everyone agrees with the rules and regulations imposed which affects money. In SA, Implats mining boss, Mark Munroe had been released on R60 000 bail after being arrested for contravention of lock down rules.

In Britain, safety gear had run out, so health workers who are part of the country’s National Health System (NHS), had been told to wear aprons. the global death toll had now passed 150 000 and Trump said on an international media platform that China is hiding the extent of the death toll in that country.


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