Court denies Zuma stay of prosecution

In a statement, Glynnis Breytenbach Democratic Alliance (DA) Member of Parliament said the party had for years fought to get Zuma to court. Now, finally the High Court had dismissed his application with costs.

It meant the court believed the ex-president had a case to answer. Since 2009, with all senior judicial posts still filled by his cronies, the DA’s applications had always been turned down.

In 2011, the National Prosecuting Authority was ordered to provide the DA with a full record of why those decisions were taken. It included the inclusion of the complete “spy tapes.” They failed to do so, citing objections lodged by Zuma’s legal team. They were forced to hand over he tapes over in 2014. The battle was  finally won in late 2017, when the Supreme Court of Appeal upheld a ruling of the High Court overturning the decision to drop charges.

“We are encouraged by the ruling of the court. We believe  Zuma would eventually have to face his day in court. The arc of the moral universe is often said to be long, but ultimately bending toward justice. The DA will not rest until justice has been done”,”said Breytenbach.


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