Corona Virus – around the world and at home

  • Top Nigerian presidential aide and a state governor tested positive 10 hours ago. The country had now closed its land borders
  • The UN is to create a global Corona Fund
  • Miners across the globe are downing tools as the world fights the COVID-19 pandemic with the Congo imposing 48-hr lockdown
  • Pentagon (USA) says the virus breakout could continue for months
  • Cameroon sax player, Mano Dibangu, dies of Corona Virus
  • The Olympics are most likely going to be put on ice as more and more countries withdraw – decision expected soon
  • The US Military are sending field hospitals as used during wars to Seattle and New York
  • UK prime minister, Boris Johnson, advised Britons to stay at home
  • Congo closes mines for time being

Closer to home:

  • SAA had suspended all domestic flights as country prepares for lock down
  • The Industrial Development Corporation is making  R2-billion available for distressed companies
  • Ford is following in the footsteps of BMW and are closing factories in China and SA
  • So far 17% of Small Business Enterprises (SSME’s) had already closed their doors for good – R500 million had been set aside to assist by SA government’s Social Development Dept
  • The Oppenheimer and Rupert families had already pledged R1 billion to aid Corona virus relief in SA
  • The SA Minister of Tourism sent a notice to the restaurant industry – all restaurants and bars will be shut for 21 days and there will be no food delivery services for the stipulated lock down time –Essential services would however continue

  • In SA, the public is only allowed to go to the supermarket to buy  groceries, seek medical care, visit the pharmacy, get petrol, access banking services and collect a social grant.

  •  The Unemployed Insurance Fund (UIF) in SA is dipping into its reserves to bring comfort to distressed workers. Regulations and processes regarding this would be shared with the public within the next couple of days
  • The SA Army had  been mobilised to assist SAPS to enforce lock down regulations.


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