Congratulations to all clients and readers on Yom Kippur

THIS year, Jewish people around the world would observe Yom Kippur on 8 & 9 November. Many prepare and eat a festive meal on the day before the holiday starts. They also give to charity and visit people to seek or give forgiveness. Many also gather in a synagogue before sunset for a prayer service.

This annual, most solemn religious fast of the Jewish year, begins with Rosh Hashana (the Jewish New Year). On this day, Jews ask God for forgiveness for their sins to secure their fate.

Some traditional recipe choices for the meal include: rice, kreplach (stuffed dumplings), challah (dipped in honey), chicken or fish.

Yom Kippur start on the evening of 8 November and ends at the same time on the 9th. It is also when the Jewish New Year begins.

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