Community builders should come up with innovative, sustainable projects

Tumelo Waga Dibakwane

THE prominent community builder, Creseldah Ndlovu, who is fondly known as Bushbuckridge’s Mother Theresa, has urged emerging non-profit organisations (NPOs) to be innovative.

Ndlovu said the new NPOs need to come up with sustainable projects, instead of “copying the same thing”.

She said she appreciated donations for all sorts of material to destitute families but emphasised that the upcoming community builders needed to come up with innovative ideas that would go beyond donations.

“Community builders need to come up with some social innovative and sustainable ideas that will create jobs and generate income. Our country faces unemployment challenges. We had enough with the sanitary towels, feeding schemes and school motivations. Those who are already doing that must continue to do so, but the upcoming community builders must not do the same,” she said.

Community builders could not be doing the same thing in one area just like a copy and paste, and the recipients always depend on receiving instead of making them independent, she said.

“We need to be creative when we want to start the projects because donating will not take away the poverty, but once we come up with something that will empower young and old to become better people,” she added.

When contacted for comment, Dimpho Mokone from Justitia said she used to receive food parcels and some old clothes from the community builders and she appreciated that, but said the problem was that donors would not only pay attention to her only.

“My challenge was that I was used to receive and I did not know how to get it myself and when they have nothing to offer I will starve and my kids will not have proper uniform until someone donates. And that was  painful,” said Mokone.

“Until I was introduced in the salon business by a friend of mine and that is when I become independent and managed to buy things that I want. I believe that if maybe I was taught back then, I would be far by now and donating is right but we need to teach them how to do it by themselves,” she said.


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