Comair and Kulula suspend all flights from March 26 to April 19

All Comair and Kulula Airways business would be shut down with effect March 26. According to a statement from the British Airways-owned domestic carriers, the shut-down would remain in place until April 19 when scheduled flights would resume.

Comair said it would try and accommodate customers wanting to travel over the next two days, subject to availability and fare differences. NO FLIGHTS WILL BE AVAILABLE FROM MARCH 26. Those who would not  be using their flight tickets or would like to change their flight booking/s to a later date, should email Comair and Kulula their booking detail, with the new dates or request a credit.

Customers who wish to change their travel date can do so for free (no change of booking fee will be charged), only a fare difference may apply. Customers who do not wish to travel can cancel their flight/s and will receive a credit to the value of that flight, valid for 12 months from date of issue. A credit or re-booking/re-routing without a change of booking fee, would only apply to tickets issued on or before  March 23, 2020 until  May 17, 2020.

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