Downed Ukranian plane could become Iran’s Chernobyl

Image of the Ukranian plane shot down by islamic group in Iran

  When a seminal event spectacularly reveals official lies, public trust that has been eroding in a system that for so long has denied obvious truths finally snaps. The flood gates open and all the bottled-up or repressed disaffection pours out in waves of anger, disdain and contempt. The last ounce of legitimacy drains away. It is the beginning of the end for the ruling regime that was able to eke out survival long past its due date. This is what happened in the Soviet Union after the Chernobyl nuclear…

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South African Travelers to Pay More for Schengen Visa to Visit Europe

New Schengen visa rules for travelers from SA to Europe

As from next month South Africans will pay a fee of €80 (R1440) instead of €60 when applying for a Schengen Visa from South Africa. (At R18 per Euro) The increase also affects children, who will now have to pay €40 (R720) instead of €35, as it is currently. South Africans will also be subjected to several changes in terms of visa application procedures, rules and benefits, starting from February. Due to the implementation of the Updated Schengen Visa Code, adopted by the EU Council in June 2019, all representative…

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Prayers answered as heavens opened over fire stricken Oz

Although good rainfalls were only predicted to come in March, the heavens have opened and rain is sweeping across Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland… bringing water to areas which had been suffering the worst drought in years. The Australian Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) has issued a severe thunderstorm warning with heavy rainfall, damaging winds and large hailstones predicted to hit parts of New South Wales (although not the Greater Sydney area). A similar severe thunderstorm warning for Victoria, has been reduced in the past hour. Despite bringing welcome relief…

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Iran could have its nukes ready by April

The Israeli Military Intelligence Directorate warned that Iran might have enough enriched uranium for a nuclear bomb by this spring. The Israeli news site Mako, an IDF yesterday (Tuesday Jan 14) said that the US assassination of Iranian Quds Force commander, Qassem Soleimani, earlier this month would have a deterrent effect on Iran but makes it clear that the situation has to be closely monitored. Despite Soleimani’s death and without any further help or intervention, Iran could succeed in enriching enough uranium for one nuclear weapon by April. However, it…

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Iran thought the Ukrainian passenger plane it shot down was a US military plane

The crash site of the Ukrainain plane accident

The Iranian military said it mistook the Ukrainian International Airlines Flight 752 as a “hostile target,” saying in a statement that there were reports of US military planes in the area. The passenger plane bound for Kyiv, Ukraine, was downed by an Iranian missile shortly after taking off from Tehran on Wednesday. The crash killed all 176 passengers on board.

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Speculation still rife after Teheran plane crash

image of Iranian plane crash

Investigators want to search the site of Wednesday’s crash southwest of Teheran for possible debris of a Russian-made missile used by Iran’s military. The Ukrainian International Airlines Boeing 737-800, flying to Kiev and carrying mostly Iranians and Iranian-Canadians, crashed shortly after take off from Teheran’s Imam Khomeini airport, killing all 176  on board. The Iranian report cited witnesses on the ground seeing the aircraft flying at high altitude and on fire. It said the three-year-old airliner, which had its last scheduled maintenance on 2 days before the crash, encountered a…

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Harry and Meghan call it quits on royalty

Image of Archie, Megan and Harry as they step down as senior members of the royal family

Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan, had announced that they would step down as senior members of the royal family. They made it clear that they would continue to support The Firm (as the monarchy is known), but would divide their time between Britain and the USA as they forge new careers for themselves and work towards earning their own incomes. The pair said in a statement that they ” would continue to honour the Commonwealth, the Queen and their patronages and would raise their son with an appreciation for…

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Fires still raging Down Under

Australian bush fires

MORE than 2000 homes had been destroyed as bush fires continued to rage in New South Wales in Australia. Millions of wild animals had been killed. So far, 20 people lost their lives as fire fighters battle the onslaught which had been raging since November 2019. Despite welcome rain assisting the fire fighters, more mega outbreaks are predicted. Huge tracts of land were destroyed and naval ships had joined the fight which experts say is but an omen of things to come as humans continue to destroy the earth. Researchers…

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Electric Tesla cars – changing the driving experience overseas

Image of a Tesla electrical car being charged in Norway

Main photograph: A Tesla automobile stands charging at a Tesla Inc. charging station in Lavik near Bergen, Norway. Photo: Carina Johansen/Bloomberg Electric cars’ share of new registrations in Norway surged to a record in 2019, helped by Tesla Inc.’s best year ever in the Nordic country. Battery electric cars accounted for 42% of new car sales in Norway in 2019 up from 31% in 2018. Tesla sold a record 18,798 cars, led by a flow of its new Model 3 in the first half of last year. Elon Musk’s decision…

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Older phones to lose WhatsApp in 2020

WA image -older phones to lose connectivity in 2020

WhatsApp’s new system requirements will only allow devices capable of running at least iOS 9 or Android 3.0 to access WhatsApp. Additionally, all Windows phones are losing support from 31 December 2019. Facebook said: “WhatsApp will stop working on millions of phones in the next couple of months as the company withdraws support for some older mobile platforms. “From February 1, 2020, any iPhone running iOS 8 or older will no longer be supported, along with any Android device running version 2.3.7 or older.” Devices that will be affected include…

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