Businesswoman lands prestigious appointment

A WELL-KNOWN international businesswoman and philanthropist had broadened her horizons following her recent appointment to the Timeless Women of Wonder Foundation (TWOW).
A jubilant Nolubabalo Babsi Mcinga told NewsHorn that she was honoured to have been headhunted for this position and appreciated the opportunity and faith TWOW and its board showed in her. “It can only be God and His plans of prosperity upon my life and for Africa,” she said.
She added that TWOW had ambitious plans for Africa’s economic transformation which meant it rests upon her to create opportunities to grow and develop South African girls and women to be globally effective.
TWOW is a subsidiary of Timeless Dynamic Services LTD and is responsible for developing, designing and implementing initiatives to include African women in the social and economic transformation of the continent.
Mcinga, who had been offered the position of country director would be part of a platform bringing together African women from all sectors to take part in the dialogue and development of solutions.
She is not only a philanthropist but also publisher, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of M&C Business Solutions and a strategic partner of Alatagold in Ghana, among other positions she holds.
Speaking to NewsHorn, June Nyakan, CEO and Founder of TWOW, said the appointment would enable TWOW to entrench its vision in South Africa and mobilise the empowerment of women, the youth and SME’s through practical and innovative programmes which would transform their lives and the economy and Gross Development Product of SA.
“This appointment now strategically positions SA to access opportunities on the Timeless Network regionally and internationally. Because our vision is for Pan-Africa, TWOW Africa would harness its network to create strategic links and economic opportunities for our beneficiaries within and outside Africa.
“SA will also benefit from TWOW’s strength in national development strategies, mostly through its innovative business models and programmes with a track record of transforming economic livelihoods of citizens on the continent. Our Pan-African vision will collectively contribute to Africa’s prosperity,” Nyakan explained.
“Babsi was most suitable for the role based on her experience and track record in leadership and impact. She displayed great passion and alignment to the TWOW organization’s vision, goals and ideals. Her strategic approach and focus aligned well with our strategic vision for TWOW SA. She displayed competencies and strengths needed to drive a powerful vision for radical economic transformation and support for women and SME’s.”

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