Bushbuckridge businessman calls on industry to educate customers

A PROMINENT businessman in Bushbuckridge (BBR), Prayforce Komane, said businesses would lose money by chasing away clients without masks rather than educating and servicing them. He especially made reference to rural retailers.

“Most of the customers are being bullied by security guards, cashiers shop owners and mall management, being told that either they cover their mouths and noses or leave the premises. My biggest concern is not only chasing away customers without masks, but the fact that if they check if the money of the next person wearing a good mask is contaminated,” he said. He added that most businesses were struggling, but their workers would rather abuse the clients instead of educating them in a decent way.

“What irritates me the most is the fact that even a cashier in the shop where they have a partition separating them from the public, would tell someone without a mask that they would not assist them, but are prepared to touch money with their bare hands. I am concerned now that restaurants are going to open, are they going to tell us to wear masks while we eat or drink?” he asked.

Komane pleaded with business owners to stop abusing their customers in the name of protecting them, but to rather educate them because they are bringing business to them.

The marketing manager at Acornhoek and Dwarsloop mall  , Veracious Thengwayo, told NewsHorn that they have exhibitors selling masks at their malls, providing customers with an option to purchase a mask before entering their premises.

“We have security at each entrance to inform customers of the dangers of not wearing a mask in a public space. Security sends customers to those selling masks at our malls. A meeting is held with

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