Bright star in cabinet dies in vehicle accident

Deputy Minister of Mineral Resources, Bavelile Hlongwa,  tragically lost her life in a motor vehicle accident on Friday the 13th.

This young woman (38) was a beacon of hope and representative of what all hope for, no matter colour or religion. The Presidency had also sent out a statement lamenting her death.

This once again proved, as Alec Hogg in Business Insider pointed out, that a vehicle driver in South Africa (SA) has a 23 times higher chance of dying on our roads than those in Britain where there are three times more cars on the road. Of course those have valid licenses, the roads are in good order and bribes to officers are grounds for immediate dismissal.

Annually, 14 000 people in SA lose their lives in accidents as opposed to the 1800 in the UK.

Hamba Kahle Minister Hlongwa, tTšela ka tsela e sireletsehileng.