Braille aims to add value in school syllabus through life skills

An award-winning entrepreneur’s book, mastering entrepreneurship, is now available in IsiXhosa and in Braille.
Speaking to NewsHorn, King Thandisizwe Madzikane II Diko, said that due to the concerning levels of poverty within some communities there is therefore a need for empowerment with knowledge through education and other services to provide opportunities in life to break this chain of poverty.

“This project is about making sure that this part of our community is
not side-lined because of their circumstances and their quality of life is also improved through entrepreneurship.
He added: “It’s a book in isixhosa and mastering entrepreneurship in braille. It’s a
book by Ismael Hassen, a South African author that I believe has passion to make a difference across all levels in our society, including the blind.

“With its intended audience being the townships and our villages I believe
that with the correct processes followed and guidance provided, this book can add value in our schools syllabus through life skill studies at various grades. Those that are blind in our communities will not feel neglected.
“With its practical and effective solutions, reading this book will change lives and the mind set on this exhilarating roller-coaster ride that is entrepreneurship.

Hassen said: “Just to capture the success stories behind the material, as I pointed out
that two learners that had access to the English medium of mastering
entrepreneurship book, that were in grade 10, had an assignment in life
skills, and both achieved above 45% for the assignment to start a business
plan. They used the book to give them the guidance in terms of putting the
whole assignment together.

“The book in a nutshell is an incubator, but I always like to read further to
the accelerator growth program to teach people how to do business from start
to finish, or to guide people when they find a stumbling block within
business where they see themselves.

He added: “The success stories about the book also goes in further to the construction
phase where a large group of SMME’s have been making use of the book and
further develop their material that really motivated their financial risk into the projects and have given them the gain to further to the next grading level.

“Once again, as we were saying we are looking at real challenges and practical solutions. That is a motto of the IH Brand. Further also, I am very honoured to be in strategic partnership for business development and communication with a king, and that is in line with having the understanding and the same vision where he wants the communities in the villages, as well as the formal economy and the informal economy to grow.

“Together we can achieve more and as I pointed out the book for the blind or
for the visually impaired is going to give them an opportunity to look to
the world through the eyes of the individuals that have knowledge,” he concluded.