Back door” salons profiting from lockdown

WHILE COVID-19 had affected many businesses and forced others to close permanently, hairdressers made a plan. Lockdown did not stop women from wanting to look their best and with salons still closed, NewsHorn learnt that “back door” salons had been profiting.

Tiyisile Sibuyi a former worker at a Hazyview salon said since the beginning of the lockdown customers had been calling her to do their hair.

“I firstly gave one of them my address to come to my house and after that calls kept on coming in and in a day I did almost 10 people with a turnover of R500 and I couldn’t stop. I had to survive and these people wanted to look good and I have the skills, so all I can say is that the lockdown has helped me a lot,” she said.

Vicky Minnaar from White River said her customers begged her to do their hair and as she needed money to survive, she was forced to use her garage as a temporary studio.

“The money that I have accumulated since the beginning of the lockdown is more than I earned at my workplace, so yes I have benefited from the lockdown. I have managed to pay some of my workers even if they are not at work,” she told NewsHorn.

Also in Nelspruit, hairdressers had been plying their trade from their homes. It is beneficial as they do not have to pay additional rent for a premise and said that they would continue to work from their homes.

Meanwhile salon owners are begging government to allow them to open because they cannot do business due to national lockdown regulations.

Tebogo Mashego from a Theebosch hair salon said the government must allow them to open because they are struggling a lot and now one is helping since they are running businesses that are not registered.

“I was born with the skill to do peoples hair and I opened my own salon on one of the busy streets in my village.  I used to have lot of customers, but since the lockdown I cannot make any money due to the remote area that am staying at,” she said.

Lungi Mtshali National spokesperson at the Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs Department (CoGTA), had condemned these “back door salons” because it’s against lockdown regulations and those found breaking the rules would be prosecuted.

“Our people need to understand that the disease is serious, therefore we need to respect the regulations. Those who are operating their businesses behind doors will not be tolerated because they are putting their lives in danger and for their customers,” he said.

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