As the world shuts down – let that which has come to isolate us, unite us

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Never before had the world been so completely united against a common enemy. It is said that which has come to isolate us, unites us.  At a time when we are having to physically distance ourselves from one another (and we must do this), let our common humanity do its job. More than ever, we are in this together. We are vulnerable  and anxious together. The Corona virus knows no title or status and with Prince Charles having tested positive, not even royalty is spared.

We are forced to adapt to totally new ways. This could be especially scary to young minds. Unfamiliar things disrupt the status quo and very people are able to deal with this and be totally flexible.For the children and teenagers in your life, only your words, your presence, your warmth and wisdom, could turn this into a positive experience. If schedules and routines fall away, it is scary even to most grown-ups. And no one can just jump in a car and go visit family. Whether you are a parent, a grandparent, a teacher, or another trusted adult, you have a profound capacity to bring comfort to the world, younger and smaller people inhabit.

These are extreme circumstances and there is no existing formula for anyone on how to deal with this changed world. Be a little easier on yourself and your loved ones. Being stuck together without the benefit of school or work which make us appreciate each other at the end of the day, it IS going to become frustrating to be around one another all the time.

Katherine Hepburn, the late great actress said that she married her husband for better or for worse, not for lunch. We are all different in the way we deal with issues and this is a big issue.  We are bound to feel like running into the woods before lock down is over and life would hopefully, return to normal. The new normal, that is.

Everything we knew will from now on look different for all of us , so inside yourself create a warm and fuzzy place where you can go to be replenished. And, without being purely religious, spend time with God. It is a tried and trusted source of comfort in adverse circumstances.

We have to do what we need to, to take care of each other. For the moment this means those of us who can stay home, need to stay home. For those who can’t – our teachers, nurses, hospital staff, doctors, supermarket employees, paramedics, police and many others – pray for them. And if you are not a praying person, at least keep them in your thoughts.

People will feel more isolated, or lonely, perhaps more anxious or sad. Don’t underestimate the impact of a text or a phone call. For your children too, if you can help them stay connected to their important people, whether through social media, Skype and email – it would not only help young ones get through this, but even old and cynical adults could benefit. The person to person contact would be missed, no matter how irritating and taxing we find others sometimes.

The financial aspect of supplying for the needs of a family, would also take its toll. However, we WILL  get through this.

From NewsHorn management and staff – as Arnold Schwarzenegger said in Terminator – I WILL BE BACK.

God bless you all.

With gratitude to Karen (Hey Sigmund).


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