Artists join in sensational song to ‘Heal the World’

Katlego Kalamane

IN an aim to create awareness and encourage prayer during a time where the entire globe has been befallen by a deadly pandemic, two musical artists joined forces to make this a reality.
Nigerian-born singer, producer and songwriter, Ebene Chukwunonso Dominion, or known as Nonny D to his fans, collaborated with 30-year-old American rapper/poet, Jae, on a recently released song called, Heal the World.
With the remarkable talent that Nonny D has, merged with Jae’s lyrical repertoire, the song is bound to provide comfort and healing to music lovers.
Nonny D is no stranger to the music industry, having worked previously with one of the country’s greatest producers, Gino Brown. Some of his hit songs include Shayinumber and Body language. Together they have worked on a song called Time No Dey which was well received in the country.
Jae’s work focuses on social awareness, justice, spirituality and healing. And her portfolio includes opening up for legendary acts such as Big Daddy Kane and Rakim, among others.
Despite the current lockdown, both artists managed to collaborate and also shoot a video of the song while in two different countries.
Although the campaign had already started, you can be part of it by spreading a message of healing and hope to those whose hearts are full of sorrow. Log on to:

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