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Social grant-in-aid to frail requiring full time care

The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) would provide a social grant-in-aid to frail beneficiaries who are receiving any of the following; the old age grant, disability or war veteran’s grant, who require full-time care because of physical or mental disability.  Beneficiaries who are unable to care for themselves to the point where they need full-time care from someone else, could qualify for an additional monthly payment from SASSA, a grant-in-aid. One can’t get a grant-in-aid on its own; it’s an addition to an old age, disability or war veteran’s grant.

If a beneficiary is too old or sick to fill in an application form at a nearest SASSA office, they should call and request for a home visit from any nearby SASSA office. It takes about 30 working days for the application to be checked and processed and/or  approved or refused. If an application is refused, the applicant would receive a letter explaining why it has been refused.

If the application had been approved, beneficiaries would obtain payments within 3 months, backdated to the day of the application for the grant. The grant-in-aid will be cancelled if the beneficiary is no longer in the care of another person, if they pass on, or if they get admitted to a state institution and if the beneficiary’s income or assets improved so much that they no longer qualified in terms of the means test.

For more information contact Sassa’s Customer Care Unit on 013 754 9439/9428 or the  toll free number: 0800 60 10 11 from 08:00 – 4pm during weekdays from Monday to Friday.

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