Able people will not rectify all screw-ups

If you had enough money earned through honest hard work, these able group of men of all colour always come on board because they want to make a difference. (So it is not a case of whiteys stealing the land.) Realising that it is not possible, they leave. The latest in a line of good men to leave another totally messed-up SEO, SA’s National Post Office, is Mark Barnes, who hung in there for three years. He brought knowledge and much needed stability as CEO, and saved SA billions. Other able men who fled the chaos, are the CEO’s of SAA and Eskom.

These men have proved themselves in the business arena for years slogging it out in the private sector. As Daily Maverick states so aptly ” lurking behind this issue is a larger difference in how people from the public and private sectors operate.”

Barnes, in three years, turned the SEO around which was literally on its knees in 2016. He ensured that SASSA payments were on time and at the same time save the country billions of rands and therein lies the problem. The country’s fat cats do not like saving money which could benefit the people who put them in power. Unions are even upset by his leaving and calls his departure “a gloomy picture.” Need we say more?

And having said that, NewsHorn wishes the man who turned the finances of the Mbombela profincial government around, Neil Diamond, well as he is also leaving his position. Hamba kahle Neil, you did a wonderful job. We know even American and European companies are standing queue to use your services.