A call by taxi body results in riots

In an effort to heed the call by the South African National Taxi Council yesterday (June 28) to operate at full capacity saw certain parts of the lockdown regulations being ignored by taxi operators.
The move resulted in certain parts of Mbombela being barricaded with burning tyres, petrol tankers including bricks after law enforcement officers conducted operations to try and prevent taxi operators from doing so.
Upon the arrival of the NewsHorn team at the Nelspruit rank, taxi operators had also barricaded both entrances leading to the rank.
According to Santaco, all taxis across the country would operate with a full load whether government approved or not.

For more watch the video by following this link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBA3dRiDXUbJIdOQAXM5AQA?sub_confirmation=1

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