Consumers are urged to return certain Mccain beans and Spar stir fry products

The National Consumer Commission (NCC) is urging consumers in possession of certain  McCain sliced beans and Spar Stir Fry products to return them to the point of purchase. The supplier informed the Commission of its precautionary recall.

According to the suppliers, small fragments of glass were found in the products. “We urge consumers who might have these products not to consume but to return back to the retailer for a full refund or an exchange,” said Acting Commissioner and the NCC, Ms Thezi Mabuza.

The products in question were manufactured from July 2021. Consumers are urged to look for the following product description to determine whether the products form part of the recall.

Product  Batch number Production date Best Before Date
McCain FS Beans Green Sliced 6X1KG 1004048651 16.10.2021 16.04.2023
McCain FS Beans Green Sliced 6X1KG 1004018891 18.09.20221 18.03.2023
McCain Beans Green 12x 750g 1004049785 16.04.2021 18.03.2023
McCain Beans Green 12x 750g 1004023766 23.09.2021 17.03.2023
McCain Beans Green 12X750g 1004010489 13.09.2021 07.03.2023
McCain Beans Green 12X750g 1003967906 02.08.2021 24.01.2023
McCain Beans Green 12 x 750g 1003948739 07.07.2021 27.12.2022
Spar Stir Fry French 24X250g 1004047489 14.10.2021 14.10.2023
Spar Stir Fry French 24x 250g 1004048165 15.10.2021 15.10.2023

“The safety and protection of South African consumers are the mainstays of the Consumer Protection Act (CPA).  While the Commission welcomes a precautionary recall by manufacturers and suppliers, we want to reiterate that regular quality check routines and processes are vitally important in order to deliver goods or services that will satisfy customers’ needs. The Commission is monitoring the recall based on its Recall Guidelines and also allowing the supplier to conduct further investigations to detect any further potential risk” concluded Ms Mabuza.


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