A boy child also need protection-MS Provincial Mpumalanga

MASHUSU-born beauty queen, Sfeziwe Mkhabela, reigning  Provincial Mpumalanga MS , is on a mission to create additional platforms to equip young boys to become responsible male citizens.

Mkhabela, who was molested as a young girl and rejected by the father of her son, is on mission to groom young boys to become better men, because she believes that if taught correctly at a young age to respect women, they would do the right thing when they grow up.

Terrence Sihlabela from Hazyview Comprehensive School

“I used to pay attention to the girl child, but I believe boys also get abused and they do not have a platform to raise their voices. So now I am targeting school boys as that is where most of gender based violence takes place and they would be educated while with fellow female learners,” she said. Mkhabela added that she wanted to end the perception that all men are bad because there are good men who are against female abuse.

Nkosenhle Maluka from Twin College

She aims to highlight this issue to motivate young boys to participate in the ongoing programmes. It would provide them with a platform to address challenges, social issues and traumatic experiences they have to deal with. “Not only are we giving them a platform to address these challenges, but we are also creating mentorship opportunities and providing professional counsellors/ social workers,” Mkhabela told NewsHorn.

Sibiya Molemo from Hazyview Private College

Sibiya Molemo, Selebo Neo, Terrence Sihlabela, Nkosenhle Maluka, who participated in such a programme, told NewsHorn that their  dream was to protect all the women. If they got married, they would protect their wives and teach their children to respect other people. “It is a good thing that as young men we are taught not to abuse women, or bully anyone.

Selebo Neo Mshadza School

The fact that we as young men are given a platform raises issues affecting us because we are also victims of violence and we need protection,” he said.


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