Roadworks between Montrose and Schagen are progressing well


The rehabilitation project between Montrose and Schagen on the N4 Toll Route is quickly reaching the halfway mark, with 48% of the roadworks officially complete. The R100-million project near Mbombela (Nelspruit) commenced in May this year and will see 11km of Section 7A rehabilitated. Roadworks, which were estimated to last 14 months, include the rehabilitation of the existing slow lane and overlaying of the entire carriageway. According to the main contractor, Tau Pele, the project is running smoothly with no major delays or complications experienced thus far. However, given the…

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Gold regains its glister


The price of gold has risen by almost 15% since the end of May 2019, driven by slowing global growth, unprecedented levels of geopolitical uncertainty, and a change in the US Federal Reserve’s monetary policy stance. With a six-year high in hand, gold bugs are rubbing their hands with glee. The question is, how far can it go? Source: BUSINESS MAVERICK ANALYSIS: Gold regains its glister ( By Sasha Planting) Investors on the morning of Monday 5 August would be forgiven for believing that gold is the safest place to be…

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