Netherlands parliament speaks out against SA land expropriation

netherlands parliament

The Solidarity Movement welcomed the adoption of a motion on the expropriation of land by the Dutch parliament this week. The motion speaks out strongly against steps that are being taken to allow for expropriation of land in South Africa. A majority of members in the Second Chamber of the Dutch Parliament voted in favour of the motion and thereby instructed the Dutch government to take a clear stand on this issue through bilateral and other processes. The motion was tabled by Martijn van Helvert of the Christian Democratic Appeal…

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Emergency supplies to Mozambique’s lifestock

livestock in mozambique

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has delivered emergency supplies to help Mozambique fight outbreaks of animal diseases such as African swine fever, foot and mouth disease or Rift Valley fever that could threaten people and livestock in the aftermath of floods caused by recent cyclones. The assistance is in response to a request by the country’s Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security. It includes laboratory equipment, technical expertise and hundreds of chemical reagents and consumables to carry out early and rapid nuclear-derived tests to diagnose and monitor such diseases…

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Earthquake in LA


The 6.4 magnitude quake, the most powerful in Southern California in 25 years, struck about 113 miles (182 km) northeast of Los Angeles near the city of Ridgecrest at around 10:30 a.m. PDT (1730 GMT), according to the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS). The epicenter was on the edge of Death Valley National Park.  

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Top journo asks the multi-million dollar question


If you never read another news story in your life, let it be this one. Ferial Haffajee: How much more pressure can the middle class take before it cracks? Ferial Haffajee (Gallo Images / City Press / Herman Verwey) This has been the whack of a week for South Africa’s middle-class. Under the cosh, the SA Revenue Service opened tax filing season with a bang and with a promise to come after taxpayers like Julius Malema goes after Pravin Gordhan. In the same week, electricity, waters and rates tariffs all…

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